algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Wouldn't it be cool to use a 3D mouse to pan and zoom in the grasshopper workspace ?
(3D connexion, Astroid, and the like)


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It would be cool...

But IF this will be done, I hope there would be also a "toggle" button for who want to keep the old method...

I like to edit sliders and stuff while rotating the rhino viewport... I think this is also useful...

If there was a wish for functionality above and beyond Up, Down, Left, Right, In and Out what would it be?

I think access to the Radial Menu with a shortcut key and selection of the commands preview and bake etc might be interesting.

Also a rotation left and right to grow selection upstream and down stream possibly.

Anyone else have any thoughts on the matter?

Or a rotation left and right to move through open canvases.

3D mice have at least 2 programmable buttons, so I suppose that, once this is working, it would be easy to assign GH actions to those buttons.

I think that the main hurdle for now is that the 3D mouse doesn't "see" GH and the focus stays on Rhino. 

So a button functionality needs to be reserved for the switch from/to Rhino/GH






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