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Hi Mostapha, Chris and group members,

Is it possible to simplify the setting process of construction u-value with a series of u-value numbers rather than a range of detailed settings  in order to accelerate the process of conceptual design process?

Because for the designers, especially architects in the conceptual stage, the u-value of constructions such as walls, roof and floor, and the u-value and SHGC of window may draw more attentions. And of course, we can make a range of constructions from Honeybee_Call from EP Construction Library, but the interval of constructions values seems discontinuous, not enough and also limited. And is it possible for designers to find the optimal u-value of constructions and then to develop the detailed construction settings such as wall's thickness, roughness? Could find a proper solution or workflow for this thought?

Thank you in advance.


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Hi Xioajian,

There is the NoMassOpaque Material Component found in the construction tab of Honeybee. You can plug in directly an R value there along with absorbance parameters, however, as the name implies the calculation will not take into account any thermal mass.




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