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Hi everyone, I'm following this tutorial and I've issues with my anchor points. It seems some of them is not 'associated' in GH eventhough I plugged into Kangaroo. I wonder why does it happen? what's my mistake?

Attached my GH:

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You can start simulation with 0 vertical movement, and move those up after start.

Hi Mladen,

Thanks for the answer.
I didn't know if I need to start the simulation from 0


Hi Tan,

This is easier now using Kangaroo2 - it lets you set different inputs to identify which points to move, and where to move them to, to avoid this issue of having to move them back each time.


Hi Daniel,

Thanks for your reply!
Yes, know I'm migrating to kangaroo2 but it seems not all the components are not itnegrated into a new version. Do you think I need to keep the kangaroo 1? or can I combine those two version of force/goal components with a new solver?


Hi Tan,

Which components from Kangaroo1 are you missing in Kangaroo2?

I think most of them now have an equivalent, except for a few of the more obscure and rarely used ones, but if something important is still missing I will try and add it.

You can install both versions side-by-side, but the force/goal components are not compatible.






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