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I was wondering if it might be possible to unroll the mesh as individual faces - together with the additional node geometry encoded into the mesh graph. 

Thus, each of the meshfaces are individual triangles rather than a continuous strip. (my faces are too big my material stock size, however I want to maintain all the data which helps to identify which face and edge connects to the next)

Thanks in advance for the help! 


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Yes, just set weight for your edges to 1 and use Kruskal with a lower weight limit. The rest of the workflow should be standard.


Thank you for the reply. I tried it and it does segment into individual triangles, however the text data (from the flatfab output) only shows a single number for the triangles centroid, missing the text on the edges to show which triangle it connects to. I'm not sure if I did it wrong? 

I set the weight using the cEdgeWeight Component, with the weight input as a list of 1.0s (repeated to the number of edges), attached it to the Kruskal component and set the weight limit to 0.5. 






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