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Hi Andrei,

Thank you for releasing this fantastic plugin.  I have been testing it out and have run into a slight frustration with mesh edge ordering, which I think is mostly to do with the way Rhino re-orders them everytime you do something to a mesh.  I want to offset a mesh and re-use the same mst sub-graphs so that it matches the original mesh sub graphs (I want to connect the edges of the mst graphs).  Unfortunately when I offset the mesh, though the face and vertex orders are the same, the edges get re-ordered so that any mst graph I make from them end up very slightly different.  

Is there any way of exposing more ways of constructing mesh graphs so that the mesh graph topology information can be remapped from one mesh to another?  

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Hi Adam,

I've been working with Ivy and coming across similar dilemmas. I've found the most control I have is on points. I organize them with one of the two sort points components grasshopper has before doing any work. You can restructure each mesh around an identical principal, like a line(or circle). I've been using this idea with "shortest paths" to basically redraw my own custom edge weight graph. If both of your mesh graphs have the same edge weight would they pass the "graph equality" component?






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