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Hi there,

I have tried to use your graph unrolling system with origamis. But as expected it doesn´t come up with a one sheet solution without unnecessary cuts and overlaps. I have tried your Ivy unroll optimization from vimeo but to no avail. Is there any way at all to solve origamis? I have tried to apply Ivy as a fabrication solution to my yoshimura script.



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Hi Ante,

Sorry for the response delay. 

Ivy is not meant for origami. For origami your best bet is Kangaroo. I think Daniel Piker has some nice examples there.

Ivy works with graph trees and this means that the pieces to be unrolled have simple (single edge) connections between faces. In other words Ivy segments the mesh from a dual graph to a tree graph where there is only one way to walk from any given face to any other given face in the same piece. 

Digital Origamis assume a different thing, that a given mesh can have multiple geometries for the same topological connections and face sizes. 

Hope I made myself clear. 







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