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WISH: Delete Unused Components / Purge / Clean / Space GH Definitions

Sorry in advance if I couldn't find this topic in previous discussions, did do a research first.

I often re-open huge definitions containing components that weren't used but are still there clogging the canvas.

It would be great to push a button that removes all the components that are not "useful" for the definition (although useful still needs to be defined). They are often dead ends (not plugged to anything).

Maybe before "purging" one would need to select the relevant final components, right click and say "delete anything that wasn't directly used to create this component" with an option to "remove unconnected panels and param viewers"?

Another option to this "cleaning tool" could be to "space all components by a minimum amount" to spread cluttered scripts? This happens often when going to "Display Full Name".

Anyone agrees? Does it sound feasible?

Then a "Ant Eater" plugin could maybe be created together ? :)

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One way is to select all outputs you care about, then press and hold Ctrl+shift+LeftArrow for a while. This will select all objects that are needed for the selected outputs, all the way to the start. Then invert selection and delete/disable.

I would like to provide an automatic layout system eventually (GH2). I suppose ideally it would use the Kangaroo solver for it, as it allows for very customized constraints. But we'll take a good deep look when we get around to that feature.

Thanks a lot David - I did not know about Ctrl+shift+LeftArrow and invert selected Ctrl+shift+i. Very helpful and looking forward to a Kangaroo-like spacing device! 


that is very helpful. I agree it would be great to be able to see which components have no connected outputs for easy cleanup.





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