algorithmic modeling for Rhino

I have a simple suggestion.

The mathematical Add (+) component has the option for multiple inputs.

But the Subtract (-) doesn't. Can this be added?

It would be even more elegant to have an Add/Subtract component instead of the two separate ones with inputs that you can set to + or - with a double click on the input node.

It is easier programming than adding separate components or creating function components.



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Theoretically yes, but it's not going to happen because GH1 is in feature lockdown. Subtraction is slightly weirder because it's not commutative, so it's easier to get confused about what exactly a-b-c-d means. The behaviour is of course well defined programatically, but I fear people will get confused because maybe they expect it to mean a-(b-(c-d)) instead of ((a-b)-c)-d).

I found a simple solution by using an Expression and changing the input node labels to the operator sign.

Another suggestion I have is regarding workflow - many CAD software programs have a parent/child view to get a good overview of links within a complex model. I imagine it will be quite straightforward to with a combination of mouseclick + a button visualize which components are connected to the selected one. With the color different for the ones connected as parent vs. the children, and colors fading depending on the amount of connections it is separated from the component. It would make for much faster navigation. Also if we can select grasshopper components in the Rhino viewport to find them in the GH definition it will much improve workflow.






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