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There is a minor bug when copying groups - when there are scribbles in the group they remain attached to the original group as well. Much appreciation if this can be fixed!

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I don't think this is specific to scribbles. When you copy a group and *some* but not all of the objects in it, the new instance of the group retains the old (unselected) objects as members. Just make sure you select your scribbles when you copy your group and it will work as desired.

It does seem like a slightly strange behavior - I suppose it would make more sense for the groups to forget the objects contained within them unless the objects are also selected. However, this could give rise to strange behaviors - imagine copying a group without selecting any objects - when you paste you'd create a group with no objects, which wouldn't even render as anything on the canvas. That may be a silly edge case to worry about though... 

It only happens when copying multiple groups of large definitions it seems.
The scribbles stay attached to the old group as well so you have to manually remove them from those groups.






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