algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Adapative_ Octopus_Sun_Component.

Sun System : Ted N Gai

Adaptation and New features Guillermo Parada

Adaptive Component and Computation method: Guillermo Parada

Rib Structure:Guillermo Parada

The components system is close when the sun angle vector between normal srf vector is near 90 deg.
The multiplier factor is computated about dot product between sun vector and normal srf vector.

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interesting demo :)

When I try to use the .ghx file it only comes out as text. How can I load it into GH
Right click, "Save link as..." (Firefox), or "Save target as..." (Internet Explorer), or "Save linked content as..." (Opera)

- Giulio
A beautiful video! I did something conceptually similar for a master's thesis and had to build it from scratch b/c the tutorials and examples weren't out yet. I think what you have done is a wonderfully simple illustration (simple meaning short, one shot video illustrating one strong concepts) of a lot of collaborative complex thinking.

Anyway, I like it.
Individual control of openings is exactly what I am working on! so both excited and disappointed that it's already done!
anyway, when I open the ghx file it says "IO generated 196 messages, would you like to see them?"
what's wrong with my system?
guess i found the answer! my GH version is not updated!
Great work... Now I think, what can architects do appart from opening holes for light control?
Just being positive, you resolved a good GH for lighting control. What's the next step?


this is really good! does anyone know how I can apply this to a mesh surface?






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