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Pain Points in Grasshopper

(Edit. David sez: I've made this discussion permanent for the time being. Please append your (well explained) ideas/suggestions/wishes. I d…

Started by Marc SypLatest Reply

Read this first! How to get help on this forum.

Asking questions and getting answers is a big part of this Grasshopper Ning group. Although people are generally very helpful, there are th…

Started by David RuttenLatest Reply

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Unable to open older definition containing clusters in Version 0.9.0075

Hi David, I recently upgraded from GH Version 0.9.0056 to Version 0.9.0075 and found that I am now unable to open a definition I was worki…

Started by Ryan Welch

7 46 minutes ago
Reply by Mateusz Zwierzycki

Pulling points to multiple lines, then counting them

Hello all, I have a  network of curves and a cloud of points overlaying each other. My intention is to segment the curves and then distrib…

Started by Shane Simon

1 1 hour ago
Reply by ng5 Alex

Project/Pull in Rhinoceros

Hello everyone, I have a query about projecting planar curves onto a curved surface. 'Project' command does a vertical projection (without…

Started by Sushant Goel

6 3 hours ago
Reply by Sushant Goel

If statement

Hi guys, how can I put following if statement in gh in one component? If x < y then x = y, If x > y then x = y I don't understand how…

Started by Tanja Flower

11 5 hours ago
Reply by Pieter Segeren

Island Offset

Hi Guys,  Does any of you know a way to create inner offsets (black) of a closed curve (red) as shown in the attached picture in grasshoppe…

Started by oliver von Malm

6 6 hours ago
Reply by Arend

Random Voronoi Block Paneling

Hello, Im looking for help again here.Im currently working on this, mostly from examples and tutorials, im pretty new to GH. The program h…

Started by Alvaro

5 7 hours ago
Reply by nikos tzar

Wrap all the lines

Hi all,  How can I form surface with lines (image 1), so the surfaces are wrapping all the lines and the surfaces are attaching to all the…

Started by Cathy Lui

3 13 hours ago
Reply by Aakriti Sood

Subtle random variation

Hey guys! Im trying to use grasshopper to make a parametric brick wall following a circular path. I have sucessfully done so, but I can on…

Started by Rômulo Avi Oliveira

4 13 hours ago
Reply by nikos tzar

Image Sampler

hello, I'm new to Grasshopper. I want to cut a board 30 cm / 40 cm with a laser machine. I would use Image Sampler operation. I would like…

Started by Yann Guinchan

9 14 hours ago
Reply by Yann Guinchan

Non Planar Voronoi Definition

Does anyone have a definition that would generate something similar to the image below? I have an hourglass "column" that transitions to a…

Started by Katie David

22 16 hours ago
Reply by mostafa afia



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