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[Tutorial] Rhino_Grasshopper Skewed and Scaled Pattern on the Facade

This video is a tutorial of making Skewed and Scaled Rectangular Pattern on the facade.
The shape of the paneling can be changed.

Lunch Box add-on link:
Weaverbird add-on link:

Grasshopper script contains ‘Plane Surface’, ‘Random’, ‘Polygon’, ‘Flip Curve’, ‘Discontinuity’, ‘Stream Filter’, ‘Frame+0’, ‘Subdivide Quad’, ‘Skewed Quads’, 'Weaverbird's Catmull-Clark Subdivision', 'Weaverbird's Constant Quads Split Subdivision' components.

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Comment by Julia P. on December 30, 2020 at 11:40am

Loved walking through this tutorial -- thank you for posting.




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