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Drawing Ovals and Egg Shapes in Grasshopper

How to setup your own component to draw ovals and egg shapes in Grasshopper. Follow me: on on

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Comment by Pieter Segeren on July 17, 2017 at 9:40am

Hi Karl, I think this oval exersize is another perfect opportunity to deploy the [PolyArc].

For the case of the oval: Just mirror the found intersection to all four quadrants,
and calculate the starting direction by getting the crossproduct of the intersecting line and the plane normal.
Feed the points and starting direction to the [PolyArc], en set its Closed boolean to True.
No need to calculate 'p' or figure out what to split with what and what subcurves to join.

In this definition I create an oval directly on a plane, so it's a bit more elaborate than what I just described, but I think it's stll a lot easier than the approach you showed:

I think neither of our approaches will work correctly for the 'egg' though, if you want to be able to specify the width of the egg (at its widest 'point')





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