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Design studies multi screen overview with vvvv

Multiscreen setup for documentation and evaluation of design studies. There is a possibility of either animating grasshopper instances with metric labels or push texts and numbers directly via udp.

vvvv is a visual synthesizer akin somewhere in between max msp and grasshopper.

Proof of Concept. Any suggestions for features appreciated.

They are basically avi files made from grasshopper animate. The main Advantage here over looking at design studies in rhino viewport with grasshopper open, is that you don't have to wait for the grasshopper to recalculate everything in between different studies, and its easy to arrange the views or even to super impose the views like you are adjusting transparency setting in photoshop (normal,multiply, overlay..etc). Maybe useful for plans and section drawings.

I am thinking that it might be useful for the user to press a key or a button and it marks the slide number and shows it on screen so that the user can click on it, then the user is brought to the slide number and opens more comprehensive metrics about that particular design study.

I know for sure this is possible with vvvv with relative ease, not sure how it could be done with grasshopper.

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Comment by yj on November 5, 2014 at 6:25pm

you can download and try it for your self here

one thing though, make sure to use avi -

about how to install vvvv, check here.





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