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Connecting Grasshopper (Rhinoceros) + Resolume (VJ)

Simple example on how to connect GH + Resolume via plugin gHwol.

I'm sending a data from GH to Resolume, in this case to rotate a video loop.

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Comment by yj on July 22, 2012 at 2:02pm

thats really great you made this work... which makes a lot of GH functionalities usable for Resolume... although i know resolume has a built in video rotation effect. i think in this case the question is latency. i have interest in syncing (and there are so many platforms one can sync) however the question for me is is the new or enhanced functionality balance out potential performance latency created by 1) running two resource heavy platforms side by side 2) content latency (visual, audio so on) generated.. as djs and vjs often spend days and days debuggin this latency problem. nonetheless interesting! i would like to post on this topic in the near future.





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