algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Chen-Gackstatter minimal surface aproximation

Minimal surface aproximation by mesh topology reconstruction and relaxation.
In order to prove the stability of the system, the elastic tension of the fabric is coupled with the counteracting action of the bending resistance of the flexible and elastic perimeter. After fine tuning, we can easily find an equilibrium beetween membrane stretching and perimeter bending.
Final stage include a dual mesh conversion and further relaxation in order to build it, passing from a triangular mesh (valence 6) to a more feasible hex-dominant mesh (valence 3).

This project was part of the first collective exercise in AP13 undergraduate course at Valles Architecture School, BarcelonaTech. The surface discretization was proudly assembled by students and simply fabricated with spring chord and tirewraps.
Digitally built with Rhinoceros Grasshopper and simulated with Kangaroo from Daniel Piker.

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