algorithmic modeling for Rhino

"907" Parametric Construction V _ Space Under Workshop (grasshopper, kangaroo)

Parametric Construction V workshop. Organized in collaboration with Space Under Architectural Office for Practice and Research.

Experimenting with physical and digital models. A square paper is folded to form a module, that is modelled using grasshopper3d and kangaroo live physics engine.
Its triangular equilateral footprint defines the connectivity among many modules, which we decided to have variable sizes. Three connection points for each, set the topology and the constraints for their supporting frame structure. Taking advantage of the properties of CP mesh, where the incircles of adjacent triangles are tangent creating three contact points for each, the basis of the frame is determined. But since these contact points do not necessarily describe an equilateral triangle, a second step is applied to finalize the frame elements. This step, after applying and selecting the scale for each equilateral triangle centered to the CP mesh incircles, minimizes the length of each connection line, as derived from the chosen topology.

Using grasshopper3d for Rhino (David Rutten, Robert McNeel & Associates)

along with the following plugins:

Kangaroo (Daniel Piker)
Human (Andrew Heumann)
Clipper (Arend, studioavw)
Bowerbird (Thomas Oberbichler)
Fab Tab (David Mans,

Fabrication Assistant Iro Skouloudi

Supported by TUC FabLab
Special thanks go to Alexandros Vazakas for his input and support.

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