algorithmic modeling for Rhino

I would like to begin a format where we can share our knowladge and create real life architecture and design components . Designers alongside with the programmers! I am currently taking a studio in digital architecture and if there is one things that screams out is the lack of technical knowladge architects have as to programming .
I wish to create a dialog in which we all can share our knoladge and dreams and create together parametric designs which will be a collective journey. I will begin to post some design ideas and methods and I hope you programmers and designers out there will tell me what you think and how things can be implemented.
This is an idea I had after playing with the software a bit.I noticed it takes alot of knowladge and expirience to get things done with
grasshopper and parametric modeling as a whole, but once the result is
there, it's rewarding.

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