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Data mining and visualisation of Colombian Climate Data

Data mining and visualisation of Colombian Climate Data

Announcing a forthcoming workshop to be held at the 2017 Design Modelling Symposium in Paris September 16 -17.

Image: 3d annual charts

The eco-envolventes group at Universidad de Piloto recently acquired hourly, climatic data for the last ten years from hundreds of weather stations around Colombia. Previously only data from a single weather station (Bogota) was openly available. Computationally driven, climate responsive design was complicated as the country experiences a huge range of climatic conditions within relatively small distances. These variations are due to a combination of the tropical location, changes in altitude due to the Andes, coastal exposure to both the Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea and the influence of the South American land mass. The combination of a lack of climatic data and the geographic context mean that basic, well documented low-energy bioclimatic design strategies are underutilised in the region.

See prototype tools and development possibilities for the workshop here that use the new format for climate data online climaJSON for developing dynamic online visualisation with ThreeJS and D3.

Image: Bivariate mapping of monthly, gridded climate / altitude / comfort ...

Our goals for the workshop are to work collaboratively with participants and to explore the data and seek new ways of understanding the relationships between human comfort, climate and low-energy design strategies. This is immediately applicable to Colombia but extends to other tropical regions that have similar climatic and topographic conditions and data availability constraints. Particularly we aim to give participants the opportunity to develop new dynamic visualization tools, accessible to specialist and non-specialist audiences that lead to a better understanding of climatic data and the built environment.


Roly Hudson, Lacunae, Universidad de Piloto, Bogota, Colombia 

Rodrigo Velasco, Frontis3DUniversidad de Piloto, Bogota, Colombia

Tristan Kershaw, University of Bath

Find out more and sign up.

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Comment by Anna James on January 25, 2021 at 12:57pm

These guys have done a good job. This content is really interesting for me as currently, I write a research on the weather changes. I use a lot of resources, including, so this material is definitely useful for me. Actually, I think that this theme is actual today.  





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