algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Nice! you just finished your design. This time you thought, up yours with all that minimalism. This time for my façade I'm going to use a lot of different colours, in fact all the colours of the rainbow, in some fancy parametric way. Then its done, it's the shit, everything is where it needs to be. But then.... you get the colour chart send from the manufacturer, with the actual pantone colours. In other words real-life-colours, if you would be so kind to transform your 'screen'-colours into these colours...

Happened to me couple of days ago, always fun. I wrote a neat little script that runs trough your screen colours and replaces those with the actual colours (the one that is closest), you provide.

The script uses eucledian distance between the colours to find the closest one.

An image always says more than 1000 words:

On the left is the original image and on the right is the one that got replaced with colours you provide. In this case I used 10 colours (this number is arbitrary, as well as the chosen colours) you can see them in the grasshopper window.

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Comment by Brittany Weber on October 19, 2019 at 3:24am

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