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Bumblebee version 1.05 is now available for download. The release includes a significant change to the component workflow as well as increased documentation. Tooltip descriptions have now been added to all the components inputs and outputs to simplify use. All components with Origin, Bound, and Location inputs now use point's instead of domain inputs. The (Z) parameter of the point specifies the sheet index where the data is to be sent and a single component can now send data to multiple sheets.  Link to sample file

If the Z parameter of a point is left at 0 then the current sheet is used. Excel sheet index values begin at 1, so a value of 1 or greater for Z will access that sheet's index. This is true for all Origin, Bound, and Location components.

For Data Out components, Data can be structured in the following ways:

A single cell = List(#)

A single row or column = List()

A 2d range of data = Branch{}List()

Multi Sheet range of data = Branch{}{}List() ... any further branches will be flattened to this structure, meaning Branch{}{}{} will become Branch{}{} increasing the list lengths as a result.

Points for origins can be input as a list with multiple differentiated integer Z values to distribute data across multiple sheets:

For a point List(n), the corresponding data would be structured as data Branch{n}{m}List(p) where "n" is the number of sheets corresponding to a Z value of the Origin point, "m" is the number of columns and "p" the number of rows of data, depending on byColumn being true.

The result would be:

Point(0) = Data{0}{}()

Point(1) = Data{1}{}()


If a single point is provided data will be sent in the following formats

Single Item = List(0)

List() = List()

Tree{}List() = Tree{}List()

Tree{}{}List() = Tree{0}{}List()

Data formatting follows a similar structure.

The full set of sample files will be updated shortly, and the live component will be redeveloped soon. 

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