algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Hi everyone, 

We are back once more with the second iteration of the AA_Aarhus Visiting School. We have a limited number of earlybird priced seats, which have a discount of 150 GBP of the regular student or professional price.  

This year we will have two units, one called "Mesh morphologies" run by David Reeves and Anders Deleuran, the second called "Robotic Collaboration" which is run by Asbjørn Søndergaard. 

“Mesh Morphologies” – will focus on teaching the students how to control and do local manipulations of geometry and how and what is required to have a digital fabrication pipeline where there will be a constant feedback between the physical and digital models. This unit favours all levels off grasshopper knowledge, but if you are a beginner this is the unit to choose.

“Robotic Collaboration” –will focus on the robotic fabrication paradigm and how this can potentially be rethought. Think of it as a grafting of the car industry onto the building industry. This unit assumes that you have an intermediate to advanced level of grasshopper knowledge, since it will highly emphasize the robotic fabrication part of the design exercise.

for more information or questions please email :

I have attached a pdf, which documents the work from last year, but also describes what we will be working with this year in more detail. AA_AArhus%202016%20information%20pamhplet150%20ppi.pdf


Visiting School Director

Jens Pedersen

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