algorithmic modeling for Rhino

In 2016 AA_Aarhus Visiting School expanded on the previous year’s research agenda of rethinking patterns in design and architecture, while investigating the affects of environmental factors such as light through local manipulations of patterns and geometry. These investigations were driven through the use of computational tools and digital fabrication at different scales.

As part of the ongoing research, the Visiting School explored the use of robotic tools and how robotic manufacturing techniques will influence the future of design and fabrication in architecture. The research clusters were divided into two groups: Mesh Morphologies and Robotic Collaboration.  

The first unit (“Mesh Morphologies”) focused on teaching the students how to control and manipulate geometry through the use of feedback loops between the physical and digital models, to test how geometry can be used to sculpt and manipulate light.

The second unit (“Robotic Collaboration”) focused on the robotic fabrication paradigm within architecture. It can be thought of as grafting the car industry onto the building industry. Students worked in groups under each research cluster taking advantage of both physical and digital prototypes in generating novel solutions to traditional design problems.

Our tutoring team this year is stacked and will consist of : Ryan Hughes, Tommaso Casucci, Dave Reeves and Petras Vestartas.

For more information about projects done in 2015 and 2016, please visit our website :

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