algorithmic modeling for Rhino

By Sining GONG Rhinoscript & Grasshopper.
The design of new skyscrapers in site tried to improve pedestrian streets wind environment through a qualitative analysis of computational fluid dynamic and parametric design. The use of aerodynamic knowledge and eco-technology made dedication on the layout of buildings, monomer form of the building and utilization of solar energy and wind power eco-energy. We are trying not only to improve the pedestrian level wind environment, but also to resume a pleasant public parks and green space.
Digital Design Studio: Conceptual Skyscraper (B. Arch. 8.5 weeks), supervised by dr. Chengyu SUN
(Samples were developed by 4th year undergraduate students, Tongji University, China, Spring 2009.)
Contact dr. Chengyu SUN
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Click here to download part 3 of 3 definition...

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Comment by min tian on December 8, 2010 at 9:11pm
hey, interesting definition. i was wondering whether the radius shrinkage function '(x-18)*(cos(y*π/z)+1)/2+18' is related to any wind/aerodynamic calculation?





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