algorithmic modeling for Rhino

By Zhengwei LUO Rhinoscript & Grasshopper.
Traditional sewage treatment plant not only takes up a large piece of land area, it also isolate itself from visitors. In order to improve land area usage, bring the sewage treatment plant to the upper level of the building, and have the purification process run vertically from top to bottom. Having the sewage treatment tower at the upper levels attract tourists to visit, let residence have a better understanding of the sewage purification process, and also serves as an observation deck. This type of architecture mainly expresses strong properties of public service.
Digital Design Studio: Conceptual Skyscraper (B. Arch. 8.5 weeks), supervised by dr. Chengyu SUN
(Samples were developed by 4th year undergraduate students, Tongji University, China, Spring 2009.)
Contact dr. Chengyu SUN
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