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Planar Panels on revolve forms using kangaroo and planarize component

Planar panels on revolve forms using kangaroo.

laser cut xmas balls? :D

the green one are hexagon faces and the unroll spiral form was a nice discovery (yeah... all the faces are there).

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Comment by Agnete Juk on May 13, 2013 at 8:29am

Hey, you think you could share a grasshopper definition? 

Comment by Manuel on April 4, 2012 at 7:06am

Hi Leonel,

There is an explode option in the unrollsrf command that you can change to "No".

and yes, there is a planarize component on kangaroo.

Comment by LeOnEL PERALES simeon on April 1, 2012 at 12:14am

hi, i'm leonel ... i tried to -unroll srf - a icosaedro like your work but i can't that all pieces are connected... can u help me please?

it's  interesting... is planar panel a command of kangaroo?

Comment by sobhi on December 17, 2011 at 5:46am


It looks so nice.

could you please upload the grasshopper definition for it. I would like to try it.


Comment by Pieter Segeren on December 17, 2011 at 4:06am

Very nice Manuel!





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