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Cambridge, MA

United States

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  • zhaochuan

    Hi Chirs,

        I am sorry to disturb you . When I use the honeybee to do the dynamic daylight simulation . I meet a problem . When I set the blind's angle to 90° and the quality to 2 , the DA is not 0 .I think it is wrong .Could you tell me how to solve it .

    Thank for you in advance.



  • artemátyika

    Dear Chris,

    While using Honeybee, I am confused about 0 and 1 values as input for 'stepOfSimulation' from my 11 hours-analysis period and the correspondence to 'visualize microclimate maps' and 'color surfaces by EP results' components.

    Having set a period from 9:00 to 19:00 for a single day (10th december), and using a slider from 0 to 10 (11 values, 0 is 9:00), the following mismatch occurs:

    • setting value 0 works for surface temperature but not for mean radiant temperature (warning says "stepofSimulation is outside the bounds of the comfResultMTX", but I do have 11 values from radiant temp matrix).

    • setting value 1 is rendered as "hour 2 of simulation" for surface temperature (FIG 1) and as "9:00" of radiant temperature (FIG 2).

    It seems there is a slide of 1 hour. How should I interpret this?

    Kind regards,


  • Jayraj Ghatge

    Greetings Chris.

    How can I apply PV panels on the surface of a building in ladybug/ honeybee? I want to simulate the difference in the solar heat gain inside the building in case of Glass vs PV panel.