Hyungsoo Kim



Korea, Republic of

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  • Anne

    I just wanted to give you a very big thank you!
    As you probably guessed in the last month I worked on a project where I used Grasshopper which I didn't know before at all. I finished yesterday, and it turned out quite well. And I have to admit it would not have been possible to achieve such a result without your great help. I really like Grasshopper, and this is also due to the great community and help one gets in this forum. Because I don't see that as a matter of course, I want give you my huge thanks for that.

  • Jonathan Sheridan

    Have you done any more work on BoxVenation Shortest Walk?
  • Juancar


    Al diseño que me envio se puede hacer un corte al tubo en 45 grados, manteniendo el diseño voronoi?

    Gracias por su ayuda