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  • Dirk Anderson

    btw - Home Project was amazing - thanks for the link!
  • HitokiKanto

    Hi Claudio

    Nice to meet you!

    I want to study surface which concentrate solar light  specific  location by using grasshopper and ladybug.

    But I reached to dead end by oneself, so I found your grasshopper page.

    You say, "Using LB we are able to pin point the location of the sunrays hitting the ground after being reflected by the facade "

    So Could you tell me how to create facade by using LB ?

    Any ideas


  • Campbell David Hulme

    Hi Claudio, 

    My name is Campbell. I am quite new to grasshopper and am having difficulty with Windrose Analysis legend and text being out of scale. Not sure what to do, could you please help me?

    Thank you so much