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  • Nuno Moreira

    Este é o segundo e ... como podemos fazer?
    2nd Exercise:
    Produce a program in Grasshopper (GH) to parametrically represent a column composed of three parts: base, shaft, capital. Develop a simplified column model.
    Imagem intercalada 1
    1 Modeling a column in Rhinoceros software.
    2 Identify potential parameters for the column.
    3 Produce the program to generate columns.
    4 Instantiating, a Rhinoceros file multiple copies of the column.
    Items to be submitted:
    All students must be delivered in a single *. Zip file resulting from
    manual modeling a sketch with the identification of the possible parameters
    column, the GH file, and a final file with several examples generated column.
  • gevo aelian

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  • rhinograsshopper2014

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