Circle Gradient Shell Pavilion

Tutorial Video: Grasshopper script contains 'Plane Surface', 'MD Slider', 'Evaluate Surface', ‘Pull Point’, ‘Graph Mapper’, ‘Bounds’, ‘Remap Numbers’, ‘Construct Domain’, ‘Surface From Points’, ‘Divide Surface’, ‘Curve Closest Point’, ‘Larger Than’, ‘Cull Pattern’, ‘Sort List’, ‘Jitter’, ‘Sub List’, ‘Circle’, ‘Closest Points’, ‘Line’, ‘Pipe’, ‘Offset Surface’, ‘Solid Difference’ components. Pufferfish add-on download link: For more information, visit Blender 3D Cycle Render Tutorial: Related Grasshopper Tutorial Playlists Pavilion: Random & Voronoi: Tower: Pattern: Furniture and Interior: Landscape: #rhinograsshopper#tutorial#pavilion#structure

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