Coffee + Grasshopper

A daily geometric problem is presented to the grasshopper 3d community. Degrees of difficulty vary by day.

The idea is to sharpen skills, challenge, or a fun exercise: Useful for beginners wanting to learn, or as an alternative to your morning coffee + cross-word puzzle. 


Contributions can be posted by anyone. Either selected from a previously posted problem from the general discussion (please acknowledge original poster), a selection from one of the many grasshopper+ primers (please include credits) something you think is fun, curious about, or even something you want to learn.

We should keep the entries dated so we can track them. One new problem per day (so if you see one posted for today- there is always tomorrow).

User(you) adds post titled: date-name of problem.


Solutions will be posted with breakdowns, either in logic procedure, etc. And in the spirit of the NY Times, an explained solution will be posted as well within the following days.

Remember there are multiple ways to solve a problem- however the “official” post should include a “clean and elegant” (or simplest) solution. So that all learning can develop better scripting habits.

Rules: an explanation.

1- Submission categories are as follows: 


Plug In


Each category should have a difficulty rating - 1 to 5 perhaps. 

They should be included in title for clarity-

Date_NameOfProblem_Native Plugin or Script_Difficulty

2. Since we are an international community, and this is an open group- a C+G day starts at the time of 10 am local poster’s time.

3.Anyone can set the next question. However the same person cannot set two days in a row. If a question is up- then next person needs to wait until the following day to post. You can PM Danny Boyes or Myself (Monique) if you are having posting issues- (i.e.: how to post, or have been trying to post, but keep missing the opportunity) 

4. Answers are presented in the typical grasshopper community response way: in the form of examples, and/or screen shots. For screen shots: make sure the nodes are legible, if you do a function inside a node make sure we can see what you did. Verbal explanation. Maybe picture of result.

The difference between this group and the general discussion is that the poster should know how to solve the problem, be able to post a solution up themselves.

5. The poster judges the answer. They should offer a sample solution as well when they declare the winner.

However overall quality control may be checked by moderators of the group.

6. Still thinking about this one. 

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  • Monique

    The group is an open group- approval settings have been modified. 

  • Michael Pryor

    are all drinking redbull now?

  • Danny Boyes

    May I make a suggestion that the Coffee + Grasshopper problems that require quite a bit of time to really sink your teeth into be submitted weekly. Any 5-10 minute quandaries can be submitted as and when.

    I found myself, especially the last couple of weeks unable to do either questions or answers because of the calibre of the questions and the time required to successfully create something.