Generative Jewelry is a new discipline in 3d jewelry design which lets you create parametric jewelry, automate production, optimize costs, do much more with much less and create new shapes only possible with the algorithmic modeling and scripting. These tools allow you to create quickly and easily jewelry with Grasshopper :)

Current version: 0.99.1

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  • Samuel Arredondo

    Hello Daniel,

    thank you for your answer, also another question: is there a way to define the width for the baguettes when using the gems by curve tool?

    I'm supporting you on patreon, are there any tutorials for peacock?



    (I'm using translation software, so I'm sorry if it's weird)

    Thank you for providing a very nice system.

    I want to use ”Flow along Srf", but it doesn't work. Is there any way to think of it?


     (Geo:red line, Src:green,  trgt:pink)

  • Medusa

    Hi Daniel! I'm wondering how to set up the "Prong" parameter.

    I understand it is for prong position, but have no idea what are those numbers meaning.

    The original is 


    and when I connected it that all prongs crunched to 1 side.

    If I want to make evenly 4 prongs, what parameter should I use? 

    Thank you!