delay on connecting new components

This problem was already posted here yesterday, but to explain more clearly:

If you pump up a file by internalising data to a couple MB, you experience a slow down whenever you try to connect new components.

This even occurs if all data is stored in a single disabled component with no preview and you connect to an extra empty component next to it.

So is there just a natural border for the size of a GH?

Why is there a delay, if there is no effect on the stored data anyhow?

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    David Rutten

    I think it's because of autosave. Provided the connector event setting is enabled in the Preferences, every new wire will cause an autosave update. The larger the file, the longer an autosave will take.

    Can you try disabling autosave to see if the performance goes back to normal?


    David Rutten

    Poprad, Slovakia