How to make mesh flow around objects


I am pretty new to GH, and I am looking for a way to make a mesh flow around objects. I have simple site model with volumes on it, and would like to have the mesh flow over and around the volums but also keep the spaces in between the volumes clear. The aim is to find a natural flow for new architecture that will be built on top of the old.

I have used 3d dreamings grid spreading definition to do it (albeit sloppily) in 2d, but it doesnt look very nice and needs to be in 3d.

Any suggestions? Maybe use the existing volumes as a base for force fields or such?

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    Nik Willmore

    The Cocoon marching cubes plugin will accept surfaces to create a smooth isofield around them. However, if you're skinny spaces are kept clear you'll have to be using a small radius/power setting, so will just give bigger blobbier versions of your buildings along with a likely desired ground plane.

    Maybe shrink wrapping with Kangaroo negative air pressure?

    To easily review these, do Google image searches like this: +"shrink wrap"

    Just doing Cocoon lines turned into hot dogs for the silhouettes of your buildings would be interesting, so close spaces between them would merge but big spaces would be rounded holes.

    You could try finding the closest point of sample points along each silhouette to other building points around them. Kind of boring though.

    Can the new architecture flow over multiple closely spaced buildings? If not, then what's the point of not just considering each shape separately?