Surface from boolean, union, join, split curves without getting (crazy|mad|sad|nuts)?

I have a bunch of lines, 8 from exploded rectangles and 4 curves. When I manually split and join those in Rhino I very easily get what I want: A (more or less) beautiful surface.

What would I have to do in Grasshopper to get the same surface from these curves?

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    peter fotiadis

    Just spotted that one:

    achievable but only via code (C# for me). Shown 2 out of 3 options available (Tree of curves per "island", regions per "island", union region).

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      Pieter Segeren

      Hi Marcus,
      I think maybe you want to try the workaround I showed Roberto over here (note: it's slow) :
      I changed a little to make it work for your situation:
      If anybody knows a cleaner/quicker way, I would also like to know it! 
      (edit: oops I hid the CullPattern and BoundarySurface component under the viewport frame...)