Skeletal mesh

In response to this discussion:

I am posting my definition for generating an open foam mesh.

(I didn't post back at the time because there were some troubles with weaverbird back then and I was having to use some ugly workarounds, but now that is all fixed)

To sum up the approach -

take a random cloud of points

generate the 3d voronoi

scale the edges of the cells towards their centres, and also towards the centres of the faces.

connect these 2 sets of scaled edges with mesh quads and join

cull some of the outer faces

subdivide and smooth with weaverbird

(In the video there were some other variations on the smoothing/relaxation, both of the initial point positions and the final mesh, using hoopsnake and/or kangaroo)

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    Christian Kreifelts

    Hey guys,

    this seams to be the most extensive entry on the topic of meshes and spongelike meshes.

    I have the following issue: I generated an ant like geometry of lines that adjustes its 'legs' to meet two different planes. I now want to cover the inner frame of lines with a smooth mesh body to be able to 3d print it.

    So I basically have a skeleton of lines and need to generate the body around it.

    Can anybody give me some pointers?

    Thanks already,


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    Leonardo Roli

    Hi guys!

    I've found this discussion, that it's quite old, but I'm gonna try anyway to ask you some more information.

    I'd like to model a building like this one:

    and I think that a GH definition like those that I saw reading this discussion could be right for modeling the building's structure.. this one in particular, by Mateusz. 
    I've downloaded that .gh file and also others, but for some reasons they don't work properly.. So I'm asking you if, during this time, you have some other definition that could be useful for me.
    Thank you all!

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    Isabel Alves Santos de Castro

    Does anybody know if you would potentially be able to control the density of the pattern with 3d attractor points?

    I tried to do so but failed miserably, or either the only thing that changes is the thickness of the mesh.