slow file when internalised data

Hi David, 

Everytime I have any parameter with a big amount of geometry internalised , it freezes and takes a long time to recover when one component is plugged to any other component. However, it works properly when changing any value without having to connnect wires
If I copypaste the definition on another empty GH canvas, without saving it as a new file, it works as smooth as it should. When I save it with a name, it gets slower again. Can this be solved?

Thanks in advance!

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    Andrew Heumann

     the problem is the autosave. Autosave happens every time you disconnect/reconnect wires or change any value - unless the file is unsaved, in which case autosave does not occur. Since you have a lot of internalized data, this has to be re-written many times over - you're writing a 4.2 MB file multiple times a second. You can get around this by disabling autosave (which you do at your own risk) or not relying on internalizing so much data (your breps look like they were converted from meshes - why not just use meshes which are much lighter?).