Simplify list with only one item


I can't seem to simplify a list with only one item... I want my list to transform from {0;0;0;0} to {0}.

I tried simplify tree but this doesnt work.

Any suggestions?


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    Ok I fixed it with path mapper... Any reason simplify doesnt work in this case?

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      Danny Boyes

      As you correctly noticed the Simplify action will only work on trees with multiple Branches. When a path is {0;0;0;0;0} it might seem obvious to you that you just want {0} but what if it was {0;0;1;0;1} should it be {0}, {1} or {1;1} or even {0;0;0}?

      This leaves you to simplify it yourself. here are a couple of methods depending on whether you need it to change as your definition changes.

      Path Mapper:

      Dynamic Last Path:

      Oh and here is the Anything But Zeros Method as pondered: