MeshMachine update

A minor update to the remeshing component (read about the earlier release here)

This adds the option to also scale the triangle size by distance from the boundaries:

download this new version here:


(replaces the previous version, no need to change any of the other files)

The 2 new inputs are BoundaryScale and BoundaryDistance

If BoundaryScale is set to 1 (the default) then it has no effect and everything else works as before.

If it is set to (for example) 0.2, then the mesh edges along the boundaries will have a target length of 0.2 multiplied by the Length input value.

The BoundaryDistance input controls the size of the transition zone from this reduced boundary edge length to the standard edge length. For example, in the image below, on the left the BoundaryDistance is 4.0, and on the right 10.0

and here's an example of a circle packing with boundary gradient (generated by using the CPMesh component from Kangaroo on the output of MeshMachine):

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  • Bathsheba Grossman

    I don't know about meshmachine regular, my data point here is that mmstatic is currently working in Rhino 6 (Windows).  I downloaded it last night and saw it run.

    IMO mmstatic is simply an improvement over the original: there's no reason to run meshmachine on a timer other than "it's cool to watch", and for me that wore off pretty hard after the first 100 tries.  And the mmstatic download in that thread is packaged with all the dependencies, that saves some hunting.

    I certainly agree that Rhino's native mesher is weak.  If you're just looking for better meshes and don't need the fancy adaptive stuff, maybe try Gopher?  It's more actively supported and I've seen it work on a pretty good variety of cases.  (Its output meshes are sometimes kinda defective, but culling degenerate and duplicate faces generally fixes them.)

  • philip pappas

    thanks Bathsheba! i will try the static one to see if there is a difference!

  • Narizon

    Thank´s a lor works...