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Hello everyone,

I know this has been asked before, but I can't find a solution to install weaverbird. I have Rhino 6 working on Bootcamp with Win 10.

When I download the Rhino 6 file from

and double click it, it will open GH and says " There are eight unrecognized objects in this file..." clicking on "Download and install" the Package Restore opens and commands to reopen Rhino to make the plug ins work.  Closing the Package Restore some nodes and panels will open. One says this: "

This release of Wb contains a few definitions (you can find more in the example folder) and can be installed via Yak. Just use Rhino 6 to be able to download it from the server. Before using it, you must accept the license agreement.

NOTE: On most machines, you will need to restart Rhino for the Yak installation of WB to take effect!"

But restarting Rhino is not working. The plug in does not appear in the toolbar.
Sorry if this might be a super basic question, I am quite new tho GH and I can't find a way to make this work.

Cheers for your help!


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I have the same issue...just tried to install WB on Rhino 6 (using Yak) and received the follow error - see attached. 

Thanks for the help.


I was following a GH tutorial and when it came to the Weaverbird part, I couldn't find it anywhere.  I have Rhino V6.  How can I get this feature added to Rhino?  I'm new to GH, and tried the steps outlined in other forums and this one - but though I run the installation file, nothing changes and I get the error that several files are missing or not available.

What can I do to get WB working?

Thank you,


Oh, what a surprise - I found another tip in the Rhino V6 forum to get Package Manager by typing, "TestPackageManager" - not obvious as other places talked about Package Manager only.  I restarted Rhino and now I can see WB commands.

This is going to seem a bit convoluted but it ended up working for me.

At the website instead of clicking on the main download, try clicking the small text that says (Alternative download available if you don’t have admin rights).

Then when you get to this page, click the link that says get full version.

Enter your email and nickname and it will send you a zipped components folder which you are able to install like a normal grasshopper plug-in (rather than using the Package Restore or Package Manager)

If you do not know how to install a normal grasshopper plug-in the file below should help you with that part. Hope that helps!







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