algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Thanks so much for the excellent plugin!
I wanted to ask two questions about my code:
1. Is it possible to control the quantity of parts of each type?
2. Is there any reason why the results I get include only one type of parts?

Thank you!

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quick answers:

1. at the current stage, it is not possible to control the number of parts of each type with Wasp. However, I put together a little hack of the latest version which allows to do that, you can find it in this thread.

2. there can be several reasons why Wasp chooses always the same part (rules, part geometry, connections orientation, etc.). Unfortunately I cannot check your file, because the geometry is missing, and it is built with a very old Wasp version. I would suggest you to update the file to the latest Wasp version available here, include the Rhino file, and then I can take a look.






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