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Hello! Thanks for making this great plugin!

Is it possible to ensure that parts are not repeated in the aggregation?

I.e - I have a large number of unique parts that correspondent to real world objects so must only be used once within the aggregation.



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Hi Matt,

generally speaking, there is no direct way to use a part only one time (as Wasp is thought explicitly to work with repetitive parts).

However, I have been working on a catalog-based aggregation, which would allow to choose the number of each part. I could try to take a look if I could implement it in your script, but for that would be great to see the file.

Could you post the file (or if you do not want to share it publicly, could you send it to



I Andrea, thanks for the reply, that sounds great! I have uploaded the relevant part of my definition (with the meshes internalized (20 of them)). Catalog based aggregation sounds very relevant to the project i'm working on so looking forward to seeing the implementation!

Let me know if there are any issues with the file. :)

Hi Andrea,

Did you get a chance to view the file, do you think it might be achievable at some point? Just because if you think it is unrealistic/time intensive I need to slightly re-think my approach!



Hi Matt,

sorry it took a bit longer, I was traveling.

So, I managed to implement a more or less stable version of a catalog for your file. In order to use it, you need to do two things:

- copy the file in the Wasp folder in your Gh Components folder (do not replace the old Wasp, just place the new file there!).

- Use this file You will see you need to create a Part Catalog, which defined how many times you want each part to repeat. The aggregation algorithm will take care of not repeating the parts. It might crash sometimes or might not be able to place all parts (depending on the rules and on the parts geometry).

I also fixed you colliders, which needed to be slightly scaled to ensure that there would be no collisions at the interfaces (as Wasp would not place the parts even if a minimal collision happens).

If you want to use the same algorithm in other GH files, you will need to copy the PartCatalog and the StochasticAggregation components from this file. This is to avoid breaking the whole Wasp installation on your computer.

Let me know if it works!






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