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Thanks for this awesome plugin. 

I am currently trying to create a housing unit aggregating blocks that represent a give space. However I am facing issues restricting the number of block of any given type (Multi-part aggregation). What I want to do for instance is have one kitchen block, one bedroom block and one living room block.

Is there anyway to create such restrictions?

Is there a way to make the possible aggregations occur with a given bounding space? Like a 3D plot.
Thanks for the help.

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with the current version of Wasp, both those things are not possible.

However, the Bounding Space restrictions can be implemented with MeshConstraints in the upcoming version of Wasp.

About the creation of a limited number of each part, I have a crappy implementation of it, but, as it breaks with a lot of the core Wasp functionality, I did not implement it at the moment (I definetly will in the future...).

If you want to try out the upcoming Wasp version, you can grab it on Github (please read the installation instructions, as they are different from previous versions):

Thank you for the reply. I will definitely check out the upcoming version.

Hi Andrea,

I've been following your new tutorials and absolutely loving them. Super helpful and exciting.

Any updates on the limited number of each part?

Check this thread, I posted a hack for adding support for a part catalog. Unfortunately I am overly busy with work and phd writing, so I do not think it will be implemented in a fully working version soon.






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