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I would like to do the multi objective optimization. When I connect the data to WallacieX competent, it doesn't open by double clicking. Also the results  are empty. Please suggest the solution.



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You need to connect the genes and the objectives to be able to open the UI. if you did so and the UI is not opening, probably you have not unlocked the .gha and the .DLLs probably. Make sure you unlocked all the DLLs in the installation folder. 

Also without running the simulation the results are of course empty, I did not understand the second part of your problem, Maybe share your file here so I can take a look at it.

Thanks, It worked. Unlocking was the problem.

I have a technical question. For one of my initial simulations I have to use the optimizer with only one parameter of total 83 solution, Just like we have a 3D graph. But as it has an option to have a pareto optimal solution and other good visualization, it is very handy for me to have it. For this I think I don't need any mutations and cross-overs. I just need to use my first generation existing solutions and have a graph. Thus I have said population size of 83 and max generation of 1. I connect the slider called pattern number where there are number 1-83 and I run the optimizer. But I also record the pattern number to know which solutions are taken in optimization. Instead of using all the solutions once, it randomly selects the pattern number and also repeats which is not what I expect. I understand that it starts with a random seed and create solutions for a generation. But is it possible that genes takes all 83 solutions once and create a 3d chart? What changes should I do in the inputs?





if you share your file I can help you better. 

but two things:

1: you don't need to record the slider. Since this is your gene, it will be outputted from WallaceiX component and you can decode the genome with Decode Genome component

2- you don't need to write zero in cross over and mutation section (and I recommend don't). Because you have only one generation so there won't be any such operation involved.







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