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Hi Wallacie team: 

I have two questions regarding the use of the tool:

  1. Regarding the objectives, the tool is trying to minimize the numeric value of the objective, am I right? 
  2. The diamond graph in the analysis tab is not showing, may I ask how to turn this on (I am using Rhino 5)?

Thanks in advance,

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Hi Mostafa,

1. Yes, Wallacei by default will always minimise the fitness value. To maximise, you will need to inverse the value before inputting it into Wallacei. We created a short video tutorial on how to minimise and maximise fitness values. Please click the following link to watch the tuto:

2. For the diamond fitness chart to work, you must be optimising for at least 3 objectives or above (The diamond chart will not draw when optimising for 1 or 2 objectives as you will need a minimum of three sides (i.e. three objectives) to draw the chart).

In addition to the above, since you are using Rhino 5, we uploaded an example file for users using rhino 5. Please visit this link to download the example file should you require it.

This is so helpful!
Many thanks, Mohammed.






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