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Hi,I am running a bending active hybrid system optimization where i have 9 values as a genome  input that control various heights. Fitness value is obtained after kangaroo zombie solver converges in 10.000 iterations by running a cfd analysis where i get the pressure on the surface. This is the value i try to minimize and input to fitness. Yet whatever i do the solver only outputs results that are on the axis of the fitness never in solucion space and i cant get a phenotype out even after i input meshes from kangaroo by exploding the output.

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If you only have one fitness objective, your solution space comprises only one axis (X). If you have 2 objective, your solution space will be 2D (x and y) if three, will be 3D (x,y,z) etc. So in your scenario, seeing everything on the X axis is correct because you have on objective

To export the phenotype, you need to connect a phenotype (your geometry) to the phenotype input of WallaceiX and then click export.

PS: i could not open your GH file as it has loads of other plugins that I don't have. 






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