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Excuse me. Is there any way to export (generation, solution) of the phenotype I pick in export list to a panel in grasshopper in the order same as the order in export list?

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At the moment when you export your export list, the phenotypes are ordered from the beginning to the end of the generation. We will most likely include some feature similar to what you are asking in the next release. 

Thanks. I need the original order I select not the order from the beginning to the end of the generation. 

To clarify, we provide the phenotype output with the tree structure for the general user group. We have no plan to change the tree structure that binds to each phenotype, it is their ID. It is very simple and easy to retrieve the phenotypes in the order you want using the tree branch component with the specific path pattern. For further information about the tree branch component, please refers to the grasshopper manual.

Thanks for your response. However it's really an annoying process to reorganize the data to the original order of rank I selected manually every time. 






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