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Hi, i'm working on optimization visual comfort with honeybee component Daylight simulation, Read annual result and Glare Analysis. My optinization has 3 objectives wich decrease DGP factor and increase sDA and UDI.
The range of DGP for comfort area is between 0.35 to 0.4, and i used Expression component. The formula in the experssion component is according to tutorial ( abs(y-x) + (z-x)), but result isn't correct.
what should I do for gain the correct result?

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Again, there are many factors involved in the multi-objective optimisation, this objective of yours might be in conflict with other objectives so that is why the simulation struggled to optimise for that one. without you sharing your file, it is impossible to help you with your question.

This is my algorithm.

I looked at your file, in this file you don't have 3 objectives, you have 5. Also, there is no data inside the Wallacei for me to understand the behaviour of the simulation. so please share an already done simulation file. 

one note, a couple of your objectives are null, even after activating the energy simulation part. make sure you fully debug your optimisation problem, I also saw a "division by zero". I think the reason your objectives are not optimising is faulty of your design problem. 

yes I have 5 objectives, and 3 of them are related to visual comfort. DGP is one of the objective, and it has to stay in range 0.35 to 0.4 (because it is the range of visual comfort for glare), and out of the range it is in discomfort area.

In this file which i upload the wallacei x component has data.






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