algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Thank you for making the excellent component.
I have a question.

1,The text is displayed in one line on the diamond chart display. Is this a configuration issue on Rhino?

2,how can i  rotate the chart table ?
3,Can I select one of the export lists and cancel it? I want to delete it by selecting something like an add button.

best regards

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Hi Daichi,

1. Please upload your definition so I can have a look.

2. Unfortunately not, one of the outputs of the DFC is the diamond mesh, you can rotate that but obviously the text will stay the same so may not be ideal.

3. Unsure what you mean here.. can you upload an image to clarify this?

Thank you for your reply.
1,sorry, here is karamba example file. 
2,ok I understand
3,In Wallancei selection tab.I want to delete data if I make a mistake while selecting.

Unfortunately not, but will most likely be added as an option in the next release.

gh file


hmm, I'm not facing the problem on my end - right, trouble shooting time:

1. Are you running the chart on Rhino 5 or Rhino 6?

2. When you use the diamond chart, does this happen when you only view one solution AND multiple solutions, or either/or?

1.using Rhino6, happen either

I found that the text were displayed properly by baking.Unfortunately, the display on GH remain horizontal.So,I decided to bake and take it any position...
Thank you!






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